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Abhijit R. Abhyankar
Associate Professor

Phone :+91 11 2659 1095
Research Area: Power System Restructuring Issues - Transmission Pricing, Congestion Management, Market Models; Power System Analysis and Optimization
Sumeet Agarwal
Assistant Professor

Phone :+91 11 2659 6159
Fax :+91 11 2658 1606
Research Area: Machine Learning, Complex Networks, Systems Biology, Evolution and Evolvability, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Public Health Informatics.
Shubhendu Bhasin
Associate Professor

Phone : +91-11-26591124
Fax : +91-11-26581606
Research Area: Nonlinear Control, Adaptive Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems, Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Reinforcement Learning Control, Approximate Dynamic Programming, Differential Games.
Manav Bhatnagar
Associate Professor

Phone :+91 11 2659 7251
Research Area:Signal Processing for MIMO Communication Systems, Cooperative Communications, Ultra Wideband (UWB) Communications, Non-coherent Decoders, Cognitive Networks, Coding Theory of MIMO Communication Systems

Phone :+91 11 2659 1086
Research Area: Adaptive Control, Nonlinear Dynamics, Image Processing.
Debanjan Bhowmik
Assistant Professor
Research Area:Magnetism, Spintronics, Micromagnetics, Memory devices, Condensed Matter Physics.

Phone :+91 11 2659 1076
Research Area: Biological Neural Networks, Analog and Mixed Signal VLSI Circuits.
G. Bhuvaneshwari

Phone :+91 11 2659 1092
Research Area: Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives, Power Quality.

Phone :+91 11 2659 1046
Research Area:Power System Analysis and Optimization, Distribution Systems Analysis and Optimization.
Ranjan Bose

Phone :+91 11 2659 1048
Research Area: Wireless Communications, Broadband Wireless Access, Ultra Wideband Communications (UWB), Information Theory and Coding.
Devi Chadha

Phone :+91 11 2659 1075
Research Area: Optical Communication and Networks, Photonics, Microwaves Devices and Circuits, Electromagnetics.
Vinod Chandra

Phone :+91 11 2659 1044
Research Area: Communication System, Fault Tolerant Computing systems, Optical communication.
Shouribrata Chatterjee
Associate Professor

Phone :+91 11 2659 1099
Research Area: Analog circuit design and VLSI, Analog and digital filter design, Low power and low voltage circuit techniques, Measurement and instrumentation techniques.
Santanu Chaudhury

Phone :+91 11 2659 1081
Research Area: Computer Vision, Multimedia Systems, Computational Intelligence.
Swades De

Phone :+91 11 2659 1042
Research Area: Wireless communication networks and systems, Energy harvesting sensor networks, Smart grid and IoT communications, Cognitive/white-space access networks, Performance modeling and analysis.
Anuj Dhawan
Associate Professor

Phone : +91 11 26591080
Fax: +91 11 26581606
Research Area:Nanomaterials, Plasmonics, Photonic devices, Biosensors, Biomedical devices, Nanofabrication, Growth and self-assembly of novel optical & electronic materials, Integrated nano-scale systems, Computational electromagnetics, Sensors: fiber-optic & chip-based, Biophotonics and bioimaging.
Sumantra Dutta Roy
Associate Professor

Phone :+91 11 2659 1084
Research Area: Computer Vision and Image analysis, Pattern Recognition, Audio Data Retrieval and Analysis, Biometrics and Bioinformatics.
Abhisek Dixit
Associate Professor

Phone :+91 11 2659 1156
Research Area: Logic CMOS device design and characterization, CMOS variability, reliability and thermal-effects, Agressively scaled CMOS embedded DRAM (eDRAM) and SRAM cells, Compact device moldeing and process design kits (PDK), Modeling and characterization of Si solar-cells and modules
Abhishek Dixit
Assistant Professor

Phone: +91 11 2659 6301
Research Area: Optical access networks, Fibre wireless converged networks
Anandarup Das
Assistant Professor

Phone :+91 11 2659 1269
Research Area: Power Electronics, High Power multilevel converters, Electric Drives, Modular Converters, Power Quality
Tapan Kumar Gandhi
Assistant Professor

Phone :+91 11 2658 1153
Research Area: Computational Neuroscience, Neuro-Inspired Engineering, Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Machine Learning, Assistive Technology
Harshan Jagadeesh
Assistant Professor

Phone: +91 11 2659 7362
Research Area Wireless networks, Coding theory, Distributed Storage Networks, Wireless Security, Cyber-Physical Systems.
M.Jagadesh Kumar

Phone :+91 11 2659 1085
Research Area: Nanoelectronics, VLSI Device Modeling and Simulation, IC Technology and Power Semiconductor Devices.
Amit Kumar Jain
Assistant Professor

Phone : +91-11-2659 1264
Fax : +91-11-2658 1606
Email: amitjain[AT]
Research Area: Power Electronics, High Performance Electric Motor Drives, FACTS and Power Quality, Power Generation Control, Renewable Energy.

Phone :+91 11 2659 1079
Research Area:Noise Study and Modeling, Digital Communications, Data Communications and Optical Communications and Networks.
S. Janardhanan
Associate Professor

Phone :+91 11 2659 1091
Research Area: Discrete-time Systems, Sliding mode control, Robust control.

Phone :+91 11 2659 1087
Research Area:Machine Learning, Neuromorphic Engineering, VLSI Design, Optimization.

Phone :+91 11 2659 1082
Research Area: Stastistical Signal Processing, Image Processing, Group Theoritical Approach to Signal/Image Processing.
Indra Narayan Kar

Phone :+91 11 2659 1093
Research Area: Robust Control, Mechatronics, System Identification, Intelligent Control, Non-linear Systems.
Subrat Kar

Phone :+91 11 2659 1088
Research Area: Photonic Switching, Optical Networks, Computer Communication Networks.

Phone :+91 11 2659 1072
Research Area: Power System Control, Stability, Protection, FACTS, Neutral Networks and Fuzzy Logic Sytems.
Lalan Kumar
Assistant Professor

Phone :91 11 26597253
Research Area: Array Signal Processing.
Umesh Kumar
Assistant Professor

Phone :91 11 26591090
Research Area: CHAOTIC Dynamics.
Brejesh Lall
Associate Professor

Phone :+91 11 2659 1068
Research Area: Multiscale Modeling of Stochastic Processing, Widescale Cyclostationary Process Representation, Physical Layer in Wireless Communication.
Ramkrishan Maheshwari
Assistant Professor

Phone : +91-11-2659 7951
Fax : +91-11-2658 2037
Email: rkmahesh[AT]
Research Area: Power Electronics, Power converters, Electric Drives, Grid-connected converters, DC-DC converters.

Phone :+91 11 2659 1049
Research Area: Communication Theory and Systems, Difference Equations, Linear Algebra.
Sukumar Mishra

Phone :+91 11 2659 1074
Research Area: Power System Engineering, Intelligent Techniques for Control of Power System and Power Quality Studies, Renewable Energy.
Bhaskar Mitra
Assistant Professor

Phone : +91-11-2659 6074
Fax : +91-11-2658 1606
Email: bmitra[AT]
Research Area: All aspects of MEMS and Microfabrication, Microfluidics, Plastic MEMS, Microplasmas, Gas Phase Nanofluidicss.
Saif K Mohammed
Associate Professor

Phone : +91-11-2659 1067
Fax : +91-11-2658 1606
Email: saifkm[AT]
Research Area: Wireless Communication (Large MIMO Systems/Massive MIMO Systems), Communication Theory and Systems, Information Theory and Statistical Signal Processing.
Associate Professor

Phone :+91 11 2659 1029
Email: mnabi[AT]
Research Area: Control Systems, Guidance and Control, Computational Methods for Modeling, Simulation and Control, Finite Element Method, Distributed Parametered Systems, Flexible Structures, Electromagnetic and Coupled Systems and Electromagnetic NDT.
Amit A Nanavati
Adjunct faculty

Research Area:E-Commerce, Data Mining, Telecom, Mobile

Phone :+91 11 2659 1069
Research Area: Digital Signal Processing.
Deepak U. Patil
Assistant Professor

Phone : +91 11 2659 1094
Research Area:Optimal Control, Multi-agent systems, Switched and Hybrid Systems.
B. K. Panigrahi

Phone :
Research Area:Power Quality, FACTS Device, Power System Protection, AI Application to Power System.
Shankar Prakriya

Phone :+91 11 2659 1050
Research Area: Signal Processing for Communications, Cooperative Links, Cognitive Radio.
Surendra Prasad

Phone :+91 11 2659 1115
Research Area: Signal Processing and Communication, Speech and Image Processing.
Pratosh A.P.
Assistant Professor

Phone :(91)-11-2659-1151
Email :
Research Area:Vision and image processing audio, speech and music analytics and learning (deep learning, sequential modelling and transfer learning)
Smruti Ranjan Sarangi
Associate Professor (joint appointment with CS)

Phone :+91 11 2659 7065
Research Area: Computer architecture, Internet of things, Parallel and distributed systems, VLSI and EDA
Mukul Sarkar
Associate Professor

Phone : +91 11 26591072
Research Area: Solid State Imaging, CMOS image sensors, Bio-inspired vision systems, Neuromorphic Imaging, Analog/Digital circuit design, Optoelectronics and Photonics
Shaunak Sen
Associate Professor

Phone : +91-11-2659 7329
Fax : +91-11-2658 1606
Email: shaunak.sen[AT]
Research Area: Control Systems, Dynamical Systems.
Seshan Srirangarajan
Assistant Professor

Email: seshan[at]
Research Area: Signal processing, wireless communications, wireless sensor networks, optimisation, machine learning
Nilanjan Senroy
Associate Professor

Phone :+91 11 2659 7016
Email: nsenroy [AT]
Research Area: Power system stability and control, Wide area measurement and control, Statistical techniques in power systems, Power quality.
Jun Bae Seo
Assistant Professor

Email: jbseo [AT]
Research Area: Wireless mobile communication networks, Computer communication networks, computational probability, stochastic processes, queueing theory and optimizing network of queues.
Bhim Singh

Phone :+91 11 2659 1045
Research Area:Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives, HVDC, FACTS, Power Quality, Renewable Energy, DSP Based Control of Power Converter and Drive.
Madhusudan Singh
Associate Professor
Research Area: Flexible electronics, maskless lithography and printing methods, organic and inorganic photovoltaics, organic light-emitting diodes, nanoscale transport, sustainability, wide-bandgap semiconductors, device design and characterization.
Raghavendra Singh
Adjunct faculty

Research Area:Information Theory, Signal Processing & Representation, Neuro-science, Multimedia Data Compression & Transmission, Monitoring of Large Scale Data Centres
Manan Suri
Assistant Professor
Phone : +91-11-2659 1146
Research Area: Emerging Non-Volatile Memory Technology, Bio-inspired/Neuromorphic Computing, Circuit-Device Interaction
Vivek Venkataraman
Assistant Professor

Phone: +91 11 2659 1150 (office room: II-324)
Research Area: Nonlinear & quantum optics, fiber & integrated photonics, light-matter interaction & atomic physics, all-optical devices & novel light sources, optical signal processing and communication

Phone :+91 11 2659 6248
Research Area: Power Electronics, High Frequency Switch-Mode Power Conversion, Fuzzy-Neuro controllers for PE systems, DSP based controllers, Object Oriented Modeling of PE systems, Development of MPPT controllers for Space/Photovoltaic sources, Photovoltaic Power Conversion, Intelligent controllers for VRMs, Digital Control Theory and Applications.