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Welcome to the website of the Department of Electrical Engineering, I.I.T. DELHI.


The department of electrical engineering has been playing a vital role in producing scientists and technologists of highest caliber ever since it was established in the year 1961. The department runs three under graduate programmes and 9 post-graduate programmes to cater to the ever challenging needs of technical excellence in all areas of electrical engineering such as Integrated electronics and circuits, Tele-communications, Computer technology, Control & Automation, Power systems & Power electronics.

In addition to the strong undergraduate programs, the department has been playing a pioneering role in producing world class postgraduates and research scholars. The infrastructure and lab facilities are upgraded from time to time and provide adequate opportunities for students and researchers to learn and innovate. The department has distinguished faculty, all holding Ph.D. degrees from renowned institutes in India and abroad. There are two Fellows of IEEE in the department and many other faculty members are Fellows of several national and international scientific bodies. The faculty of the department has been constantly carrying out research on many cutting edge technologies and regularly publishes in IEEE and other top international journals. The department also undertakes many research projects sponsored by both the government and the industry.

Faculty Hiring: EE department is looking for outstanding applicants. Applications can be sent at anytime in the year. Kindly send your details to Prof. Bhim Singh and Prof. Santanu Chaudhury.

Post Graduate Admissions, May 2016

Results for Semester 1 PG admissions (17-20 May 2016)

See MTech/MSR results here:

See PhD results here:

Shortlisting criteria for Semester 1 PG admissions (17-20 May 2016)

The PG admissions for the Electrical Engineering department will be held as per the following schedule (Updated 11 February 2016):

Tentative schedule (updated 01 Mar 2016):

  • May 17, 2016 (Tuesday): admission to Inter-Disciplinary Programs of EE Dept
    • MTech (JTM) / MSR (JTY) of Bharti School of Telecom Technology and Management (
    • MTech (JOP) - OptoElectronics and Communication Program of EE and Physics Dept (
    • MTech (VDTT) - VLSI Design Tools and Technology (

  • May 18-19, 2016 (Wednesday & Thursday): MTech / MS(R) (all MTech and MS(R) programs of EE - both full-time and part-time)
    Click here to see the scheduling chart for EET candidates.

  • May 20, 2016 (Friday): Ph.D program (FT and PT) for all programs including PhD programs of Bharti School
(These are confirmed dates and candidates may use them to plan their travel in advance to avoid the summer rush. However, candidates should note that interviews continue till late in the evening for certain programs - please plan your departure accordingly. You are advised to leave the day after.)

More information:

  • There will be no written test for the PhD admissions.
  • Prospective students should familiarize themselves with the relevant program and faculty members of interest.
  • Download the short-listing criteria: MTech and PhD (updated 13 April)
  • The date for calculation of minimum experience for part-time candidates shall be 01 August 2016.


Unfurnished accommodation (lodging) in a designated Hostel of IIT Delhi along with food in a mess will be made available on a per day payment basis.

The candidates can stay on sharing basis in IIT Delhi Hostels by paying Rs.230/- for boarding (all meals) and lodging (stay). Bedding is not provided and candidates will have to make their own arrangements for bedding (typically, the Caretaker would be able to tell you where you may hire bedding ; you are advised however to bring basic bedding with you).

Payment is to be made by Demand Draft in favour of "Deans Discretionary Fund .................. <Hostel name> Hostel" (for example, "Deans Discretionary Fund Zanskar Hostel" ) - please bring this DD with you. You may calculate the amount depending on the number of days you expect to stay.

Details of ear-marked Hostels are:

MEN applicants to EE Dept Zanskar Hostel
DD in favour of "Deans Discretionary Fund Zanskar Hostel" @Rs.230 per day
Hostel Tel: 011-2659.7068
Caretaker Tel No: 011-26597055 (off) / 26596789 (res)
Mess Supervisor: 011-26597010
MEN applicants to Bharti School of Telecom Tech & Mgt
Girnar Hostel
DD in favour of "Deans Discretionary Fund GIRNAR Hostel" @Rs.230 per day
Hostel Tel: 011-2659.6891
Caretaker Tel No: 011-26596890 (off) / 26597022 (res)
Mess Supervisor: 011-26596892
WOMEN applicants (any Dept / Centre)
Kailash Hostel
DD in favour of "Deans Discretionary Fund KAILASH Hostel" @Rs.230 per day
Hostel Tel: 011-2659.6826 / 6976
Caretaker Tel No: 011-26596839 (off) / 26597061 (res)
Mess Supervisor: 011-26597039
*If you are appearing in interviews for EE and Bharti School, you can request to stay in Zanskar since the EE interviews are one day AFTER the Bharti school interviews.

Admissions' Contact:

011-26596102 : EE Office (Attention : Mr. Yatindra Mani Tripathy)
011-26596102 : EE Office (Attention : PA to Head EE - deprecated)

Email :
Either click on the email address above OR
In the subject area of your email, please state: [APPL NO: ... ] [FULL NAME: ....] [BTECH SCORE:...] [GATE DISCIPLINE .... and GATE SCORE:....]